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Welcome to Green Circle Bio Energy

As the renewable energy sector is in its formative years of becoming a large scale industry, Green Circle Bio Energy has been established with the purpose of becoming a major player in the international market for alternative, carbon neutral energy.

Wood Pellets

  • Green Circle Bio Energy has built the world's largest wood pellet plant in North Florida which started production in May 2008 with an annual capacity of 560,000 tons.
  • The pellets are supplied to the power generating industry for co-firing in coal based power plants. Central heating companies are another sector to be supplied.
  • Green Circle Bio Energy is projecting more pellet plants to be built in wood fiber rich areas over the next few years.

Energy Pellet Plant

  • A Collection of Images of Plant #1


  • Pellet Plant #1: Cottondale, FL. map

Sustainable Forestry Initiative